SLOWLY Making progress:-)

Hi, It’s been about  a month and a half since I  started my blog, and I  am slowly making progress gathering all my important  papers (birth certificates, marriage  license  etc) to be sent to be Apolsilled. I am starting this journey early to move to the DR, about 2 years early (well actually 1 year and 10 months but who’s counting). You really do need time if your like me and want to make sure everything is done correctly to avoid issues or delays down the road (I  guess I’m not a “fly by the seat of my pants” type of girl :-).

I have read on Dominican  Republic Expat forums that it is smart to have a few copies of your birth certificate and marriage  licenses incase one gets lost in transit or your attorney misplaces a copy (without proper docs you are at a stand still). So I ordered 3 copies of mine and my husbands birth certificate and 3 copies of our marriage  license. Everything  takes several weeks from ordering and getting back in the mail. I just noticed my marriage  license  had the wrong  birth  date for me  (making me 2 yrs older!!) So  I  am waiting for them to send me a form to fill out which I will send back with copy of my birth certificate  proving my real birth date so I can then order the correct marriage  licenses UGH!!

Once you have all your copies ready to go you send them to the Secretary of State (in the state in which they were issued) to be Apolsilled and of course there are fees for everything. I just want to get as much of this unpleasant, time consuming, phone call, Googling, UPS, FedEx B___ S___!#@$%  out of the way now so I  don’t have to bother with it when I  have bigger things to contend with like  selling my house, getting my pets approved to move, and packing a shipping container!!

I feel I  am moving in the right direction for only being a month and a half into 2016 🙂 learning something new every day!!



Dreaming of Punta Cana

Happy New Year! 2016! This is my first post and what better time to start a Blog then at the beginning of the new year when everyone is setting new goals, planning new adventures and realizing new dreams!

I am on the countdown to early retirement with my Husband, we have traveled for years to several islands in our 28 years of marriage (we met when I was 16, so I’m not crazy old yet…just crazy). Just about 2 years ago we found ourselves dreaming of living on an island, and it has kind of consumed our every move since then.

I mentioned countdown because 24 months from this year 1/1/16 we want to be heading to Punt Cana with our two kittys stowed safely under our seats on a plane headed to Dominican Republic!

I will be bloging about the excitment, the frustrations, loads of paperwork, and conversations lost in translation etc in our journey getting there,  if you are dreaming  of giving it all up for the island life…..please follow my journey!!